Google Women Techmakers co-hosts Women in AI event

The recent Women in AI event hosted by Women Techmakers and DevFest NY featured a panel of incredible women working in artificial intelligence who are making significant strides in the field. The panel was moderated by The New York Times VP and former Women Techmaker Natalia Villalobos, and the speakers discussed various aspects of AI and its impact on the world.

Kavya Kopparapu, a research engineer at Google DeepMind, emphasized the importance of collaborating with students to drive purposeful AI work with real impact in diverse fields such as biology and healthcare. She holds three patents and has several publications on the interdisciplinary and practical applications of AI.

Karla Palmer, the manager of AI for Social Good and Sustainability at, highlighted the potential of AI to address complex issues such as food insecurity, maternal health, and public benefits access. She stressed the importance of considering ethical concerns and the long-term conversation about regulating AI.

Kaitlin Ardiff, who works at Google Cloud Consulting, emphasized the necessity of outlining a comprehensive strategy that aligns with project objectives when working with AI. She emphasized the importance of a solid plan, clear goals in model building, and effective post-construction management for success in AI projects.

Jaclyn Rice Nelson, the co-founder and CEO of Tribe AI, discussed the power of perseverance in the AI industry and her efforts to give more women in the industry opportunities to build their companies. She emphasized the importance of not giving up, regardless of the challenges faced in the industry.

The event also encouraged attendees to register for a Women Techmakers membership for access to resources, events, and opportunities. The full panel discussion is available on WTM’s LinkedIn page for those who wish to view it.

Overall, the Women in AI event highlighted the diverse and distinct ways in which AI is leaving its mark, from broadening its impact in diverse fields to driving social impact and governance, building precision into AI, and the power of perseverance in the industry. The event provided valuable insights from women who are making significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.


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