How Google is celebrating World Quantum Day

Google Quantum AI team celebrated World Quantum Day on May 14th to commemorate the advances in quantum science and technology. The team is keen on using quantum computing to address significant challenges like reducing industrial emissions, designing new batteries, and creating novel medicines. The company has also announced that it would award a $50,000 grant to the non-profit Santa Barbara Education Foundation to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM)-focused teacher grants that provide students increased access to resources and opportunities to develop their interest in STEM, including quantum computing. Last year, on this occasion, the team had launched The Qubit Game, which is now available as a classroom activity to introduce K-12 students to quantum computing concepts and experiments.

The quantum computing industry has been growing exponentially, and Google’s Quantum AI team understood the importance of public and K-12 outreach activities to generate more awareness and engage learners in quantum computing. To this end, they have been collaborating with educational institutions worldwide and have released open source tools, including software for quantum computing algorithm development and simulation, to enhance accessibility to quantum resources.

Emily Edwards, co-lead at the National Q12 Education Partnership, believes in infusing quantum concepts into STEM classrooms, strengthening the existing material, and eliminating silos that perpetuate structural inequities. The National Q12 Education Partnership, in collaboration with teachers, professional societies, decision-makers, government agencies, employers, and community organizations, aims to create a more diverse and equitable workforce in the field of quantum computing.

World Quantum Day celebrates the students, researchers, and hobbyists who have contributed to the development and progression of quantum science and technology. Google Quantum AI team encourages learners to try the Qubit Game and engage in other activities to foster a deep interest in quantum computing. They also recommend visiting Q12’s website to learn about various quantum careers.


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