Google has released a white paper reaffirming its support for the Right to Repair movement and endorsing proposed Oregon Right to Repair legislation. The company is committed to making repair accessible and useful, and they are focused on three pillars: ensuring that repair parts are accessible to the public, reducing the cost and number of repair tools required for their devices, and providing clear instructions for repairs. Google’s Pixel products are designed to last many years and the company has established repair operations close to where their customers live and work. They have also partnered with independent repair providers to provide more than 700 locations across the U.S. where customers can get support. Google is proud of the progress they have made in building devices that last a long time and are easy to fix if they break, and they are committed to continuing to push the envelope in engineering and design, repair programs, and public engagements to support repair and environmental sustainability. They appreciate the efforts of policymakers, like those in Oregon, to help move the entire industry towards a more sustainable and repairable future.


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