How to set up Direct My Call on Google Pixel

The Pixel-exclusive feature, Direct My Call, is designed to help users quickly navigate automated menu options when calling customer support for assistance with issues such as canceled flights or lost packages. As the new year approaches, this feature can be a valuable tool for saving time in our busy schedules. By activating Direct My Call on a Pixel device, users can streamline the process of navigating through options presented by an automated voice system, making the call simpler and faster. The feature is available in English on Pixel 3a and newer devices in the United States, and on Pixel 6 and newer devices in the U.K. To activate Direct My Call, users can open the Phone app, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, select Settings, and toggle the Direct My Call option to the “on” position. Additionally, users can choose to toggle on “faster menu options,” which shows an automated system’s menu options on the screen before they are heard. Once activated, the feature displays the automated voice’s prompts and menu options on the phone’s screen, allowing users to interact with and select options directly. To exit Direct My Call during a call, users can simply tap the close button on the screen. By utilizing the Direct My Call feature on their Pixel device, users can save time and simplify the process of navigating through automated menu options when seeking assistance from customer support for various issues.


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