Identifying and Filling Your SEO Skill Gaps — Whiteboard Friday

In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Helen shares tips on how to identify skills gaps in SEO and find ways to fill them. She discusses two types of skills, namely hard skills and soft skills, and highlights that SEO is a broad subject that requires a variety of skill sets. To identify the skills needed, Helen suggests starting with the current job and analyzing the activities done in a week, breaking them down into skill sets. For the future career, she advises looking at job ads for higher positions and identifying the required essential and desirable skills. To assess if the needed skills require improvement, Helen suggests asking colleagues to give specific feedback and conducting a survey anonymously to rate the competencies. She also recommends utilizing online courses, attending conferences and events, and seeking advice from mentors, managers, and industry leaders to improve skills. Helen emphasizes the importance of continuously evolving and developing SEO skills to keep up with the industry’s changes and remain the best SEO self.


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