Improvements to using Spanish in Search and Gboard

We are committed to making AI technology useful and accessible to everyone, and are doing so in collaboration with others in a bold and responsible manner. One example of this is the Lengua Española e Inteligencia Artificial (LEIA) project initiated by the Real Academia Española (RAE) four years ago to improve the use of the Spanish language in technological environments. The RAE invited tech companies to join in this effort to benefit the 590 million Spanish speakers worldwide and increase the presence of the Spanish language. As part of this project, we are announcing two major advancements, the first being the incorporation of the RAE’s Dictionary of the Spanish Language into Gboard, Google’s keyboard app. This integration has resulted in key improvements in Gboard, such as faster autocorrections for words like García, Rodríguez, Coruña, Nicaragua, and those with accents, as well as better word recommendations, smoother transitions between English and Spanish when typing, and reduced biases. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of new words have been integrated into the Gboard dictionary for Android. We have also integrated the Spanish Language Dictionary of the Royal Academy into Search.


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