Instacart unveils new tools to boost discovery for emerging brands

Instacart, a leading online grocery delivery service, has announced the launch of two new tools to assist emerging brands in connecting with retailers and expanding their presence in stores.

The first tool, digital sell sheets, allows brands to showcase their best products to over 1,400 retail banners on the platform, providing sales data, product information, and key growth insights directly in Ads Manager. The second tool, Brand Explorer, enables retail partners to search and discover sell sheets, connecting with new products and up-and-coming brands directly within the Instacart Platform Portal.

The goal of these tools is to help retailers make informed decisions about stocking their shelves with new products, benefiting both customers and emerging brands seeking to expand their presence in stores.

These tools are important for emerging brands as they improve their ability to engage with retailers, increasing the likelihood of having their products stocked. This expanded shelf presence not only provides exposure to a wider customer base but also has the potential to significantly boost sales.

In addition to these new tools, Instacart has simplified Ads Manager, making it easier for advertisers to select objectives and receive personalized recommendations for ad formats, targeting, and bidding that align with their business goals.

Chris Rogers, Chief Business Officer at Instacart, emphasized the challenges that emerging brands face in driving distribution in more stores, noting that the process is still manual and time-consuming for everyone involved. He stated that Instacart is well-positioned to connect innovative brands with retailers looking to expand their selection, empowering everyone with easy-to-access insights directly within the platform’s self-serve technology.

Overall, these new tools and enhancements in Ads Manager demonstrate Instacart’s commitment to streamlining grocery operations for retailers online and in-store, furthering their investment in the success of emerging brands.

For more information on how Instacart works with emerging brands, it is recommended to read their Brand Growth guide. These new tools and improvements are expected to provide valuable opportunities for emerging brands to expand their presence in stores and reach a wider customer base through the platform’s extensive network of retail partners.


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