Instagram grows Creator Marketplace to help brands find creators

Instagram’s Creator Marketplace is a platform designed to help brands connect with creators for partnership ads, and vice versa. With a focus on expanding the platform, Instagram is inviting creators and brands in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Brazil, and Chinese export brands to join the Creator Marketplace. This expansion aims to make it easier for brands to find the best-suited creators for their campaigns and for creators to get discovered by brands.

The Creator Marketplace leverages Instagram’s data to offer machine learning-based recommendations, simplifying the process of identifying creators ideally suited for a brand’s campaign. Brands can conduct targeted searches for creators and apply filters for both creators and audience attributes to find the right fit. They also have access to a list of creators who have shown interest, allowing them to explore creator portfolios.

To get started using Instagram’s Creator Marketplace, brands join in Meta Business Suite, while creators sign up via their professional dashboard in the Instagram app, indicating relevant brands, interests, and showcasing their uniqueness through portfolios.

Once a brand has joined the Creator Marketplace, they can go through the recommendations and choose a creator they would like to collaborate with. Brands are able to connect directly with creators, send project details, and discuss project specifics, including rates. Once an agreement is reached, they can create partnership ads by boosting existing organic Instagram content or generating new ones in Ads Manager.

Partnership ads, which were previously known as branded content ads, enable advertisers to amplify content featuring a creator or other partner’s handle, increasing the reach of their collaborations. This approach, facilitated by Instagram’s Creator Marketplace, provides a high-performing and transparent avenue for advertisers and creators to collaborate on running ads together.

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has stated that the Creator Marketplace aims to address challenges that brands face in sourcing creators for partnership ads and is excited to test machine learning-based recommendations to help brands more easily discover creators that are the best fit for their campaigns.

In conclusion, Instagram’s Creator Marketplace expansion offers a simplified way for brands to find and collaborate with creators for partnership ads, while also providing creators the opportunity to connect with brands for potential collaborations. This move aligns with the platform’s goal of facilitating beneficial partnerships between brands and creators.


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