In this episode of Ask Google Webmasters, John is joined again by Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate at Google, to discuss Javascript & SEO. Stay tuned as they answer questions, such as:

When using Rails Asset Pipeline for caching what status code do we give the old asset? Googlebot crawls these stale assets which we currently have 404’d. Do we 410 instead or keep the old assets alive for a couple months? It’s killing our crawl budget? (submitted by @ruth_hearn77) (0:43)

In prerendering can we replace or skip irrelevant elements? I.e. svg bar graphs generated by JS? (submitted by @m_karg) (2:19)

If your site has a chat function that rewrites the title tag for notifications to the visitor, how do you or the app supplier prevent Google from indexing the JS rewritten version of the title tag? (submitted by @GOMaonaigh) (3:18)

In prerendering: can still be JS inside? JS that generates minor content layout changes, but not AJAX requests. (submitted by @m_karg) (4:00)

Will pre-rendering or dynamic rendering ever go away? (short discussion) (5:10)

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