The past, present and future of authentication

The content discusses the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Google regarding the distribution of apps on the Android platform. The article argues that Epic’s claims against Google are baseless and that Android offers developers ample opportunities to distribute their apps.

According to the author, Epic Games is trying to up-end the current system of app distribution on Android in the hopes of getting something for nothing. They claim that Epic wants all the benefits of using Android and Google Play without having to pay for them. Additionally, Epic is accused of wanting to strip away important security and privacy protections that keep users safe from unfair subscription practices and dishonest billing.

The article goes on to refute Epic’s claims by stating that Google Play competes fairly with the Apple App Store. It highlights that Android competes with iOS and the iPhone, and Google Play competes intensely with the App Store for both consumers and developers. The author also mentions that Android users have access to multiple app stores and can even directly download apps from developers’ websites.

Furthermore, the article emphasizes that Google Play provides a wide range of tools and services to support developers of all sizes. It argues that Google Play’s fees are the lowest among major app stores, with 99% of developers qualifying for a service fee of 15% or less. The author also mentions that Google Play offers users the choice of payment systems, giving them flexibility and options.

The content concludes by stating that the lawsuit brought by Epic Games risks making Android less safe. The author argues that Android’s current system of user notifications when downloading apps from external sources is important for user safety and privacy. They claim that removing these notifications, as Epic desires, would put billions of users at risk.

In summary, the content presents Google’s counterarguments against Epic Games’ claims regarding app distribution on Android. It asserts that Android offers developers ample opportunities and flexibility and refutes Epic’s accusation of unfair practices. The author also emphasizes Google Play’s low fees and user choice in payment systems. Finally, they argue that Epic’s lawsuit could compromise user safety on the Android platform.


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