Microsoft signs deal to serve sponsored links in Snapchat's My AI

Snapchat’s AI-powered chatbot, My AI, will soon start serving sponsored links using Microsoft’s Chat Ads API. The social app has over 750 million monthly users, making it a highly valuable platform for advertisers to reach their core audience of Gen Z. By taking advantage of the Sponsored Links feature, advertisers can connect with users who interact with the chatbot for relevant queries.

To get started with advertising on the platform, advertisers need to maximize mobile coverage within their Microsoft Advertising campaigns. They should prioritize mobile traffic by setting positive mobile bid modifiers across all ad groups. To measure the impact of Snap traffic on their campaigns, advertisers can use the Microsoft Advertising publisher report under the “Microsoft sites and select traffic” category.

During the testing phase, advertisers reported a significant increase in mobile traffic across the Microsoft network. On average, they saw over 15% more mobile impressions from Microsoft sites. Microsoft plans to roll out this advertising feature to more partners in the future and is encouraging interested companies to complete a partnership application form.

Snapchat spokesperson emphasized that Sponsored Links connect the community with partners relevant to their conversation, allowing partners to reach Snapchatters at the moment they show potential interest. Microsoft Advertising’s clients in the US and select markets can now engage with Snapchatters through My AI and deliver relevant links seamlessly.

Overall, this partnership between Snapchat and Microsoft opens up new opportunities for advertisers to connect with a large and engaged audience. The ability to serve highly relevant ads within the chatbot experience can lead to increased reach, return on investment, and engagement with Gen Z users.


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