Animation of a man wearing a blue tank top and walking, a woman wearing a red shirt eating a dumpling, and a woman wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt drawing under a lamp light. Each of the characters are in their own bubble.

A new top-level domain, .ing, is launching today, allowing users to build websites with a single word. The domain is versatile and can be used for a variety of interests, such as designing, giving to charity, editing documents, or going on adventures. Several companies have already embraced the .ing domain. Canva, an online design platform, offers and options for creating and sketching ideas. Adobe Acrobat provides free online tools for editing, commenting, and signing PDFs at and signing. Going introduces users to new travel destinations and cheap flights at Giving Tuesday encourages charitable donations and offers ideas for everyday acts that make the world a better place at Mavericks Surf Awards celebrates the history and science of big wave surfing at Adapt, a clothing brand based in the San Francisco Bay Area, uses as a hub for creative endeavors. allows users to create websites with drag-and-drop templates for portfolios, link-in-bios, invites, and moodboards. Inkbunny Studios is a woman-owned small business offering quality body art at Nom Bot Dumplings combines innovative dumpling recipes with automated production at The Swiss Association of Consulting Engineering Companies aims to improve conditions in Switzerland’s engineering and planning industry at As part of the Early Access Period (EAP), users can register .ing domains for an additional fee until December 5th. After that, .ing domains will be available at a base annual price through registrars. To find out where to register a .ing domain during EAP, visit The launch of the .ing domain is anticipated to bring new opportunities and creative possibilities.


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