New performance and security features

This week, Google announced new security and performance features in Chrome designed to enhance user safety and browsing experience. One of the major updates is the introduction of a more personalized and proactive Safety Check. Now, Safety Check for Chrome on the desktop will automatically run in the background, alerting users if their saved passwords have been compromised, their extensions are potentially harmful, they are not using the latest version of Chrome, or if site permissions need attention. These alerts will appear in the three-dot menu in Chrome, allowing users to take immediate action to address any potential security concerns.

In addition to these proactive alerts, Safety Check will also now be able to revoke sites’ permissions, such as access to location or microphone, if users haven’t visited them in a long time. This feature aims to give users more control over their site permissions and ensure that their data and privacy are protected. Furthermore, Safety Check will flag excessive notifications from sites that users don’t engage with much, allowing users to easily disable them and reduce unnecessary distractions during browsing.

These updates reflect Google’s ongoing commitment to improving user safety and security while browsing the web. By providing proactive alerts and enhanced control over site permissions, Chrome aims to protect users from potential security threats and give them greater peace of mind while using the browser. These features will be especially useful for users who want to ensure the privacy and security of their online activities, particularly as they engage in any last-minute gift browsing during the holiday season.

To further enhance performance, Google has also introduced a new feature in Chrome that automatically groups similar tabs together, making it easier for users to manage and organize their open tabs. This can help minimize clutter and improve overall browsing efficiency, particularly for users who tend to have multiple tabs open simultaneously. This new tab grouping feature is designed to streamline the browsing experience and make it more manageable for users, especially as they navigate through multiple sites or tasks.

Overall, these security and performance updates in Chrome demonstrate Google’s ongoing efforts to prioritize user safety and browsing experience. By introducing proactive alerts, enhanced control over site permissions, and improved tab management, Chrome aims to provide users with a more secure, efficient, and enjoyable browsing experience. As users prepare for any last-minute gift browsing, these new features will help them stay safe and organized while using the browser.


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