Our $1 billion investment in a new UK data centre

Google has set an ambitious goal to run all of its data centres and campuses on carbon-free energy (CFE) every hour of every day by 2030. In support of this goal, Google has announced a power purchase agreement with ENGIE for offshore wind energy generated by the Moray West wind farm in Scotland, adding 100 MW of energy to the grid and putting Google’s UK operations on track to operate at or near 90% carbon-free energy in 2025.

Google is also exploring new and innovative ways to use the heat generated by data centres, with provisions for off-site heat recovery. This presents an opportunity for energy conservation that benefits the local community by capturing the heat generated by the data centre and using it for nearby homes and businesses. The data centre is also set to deploy an air-based cooling system.

The company’s commitment to sustainability has attracted British customers like Rightmove, who have chosen Google Cloud to further their own sustainability goals. Rightmove sees Google’s commitment to decarbonize and build sustainable data centres as a crucial element in reducing the carbon impact of their digital infrastructure and helping them on their net-zero journey.

In addition to its sustainability goals, Google has continued to invest in the UK, including the $1 billion purchase of its Central Saint Giles office in 2022, the 1 million sq ft. development in King’s Cross, and the launch of its Accessibility Discovery Centre, aimed at spurring the creation of accessible tech for the whole of the UK.

Beyond its office walls, Google has laid a new subsea cable — Grace Hopper — which connects the United Kingdom with the United States and Spain. The company has also visited more than 500 locations across the UK since 2015 and provided over 1 million people with free digital skills training. Additionally, Google expanded its Google Digital Garage training programme to include a new AI-focussed curriculum to enable more Brits to tap into the opportunities created by this technology.

Overall, Google’s commitment to carbon-free energy, sustainability, and continued investment in the UK demonstrate the company’s dedication to supporting Brits and the wider economy while also leading the way in technology and science.


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