Ready for a career change? Watch YouTube’s Job Hoppers

Google Career Certificates YouTube channel is launching a new series called Job Hoppers, which aims to inspire and guide job seekers who are looking to switch careers. The series is hosted by YouTube Creator Aaron Burriss, who travels around the country to meet Google Career Certificate graduates in various fields such as UX design, cybersecurity, data analytics, and IT support. The series provides an inside look at what it’s like to work in these industries and how the graduates are applying the knowledge and skills they acquired from the certificate program.

The first episode of Job Hoppers introduces us to Carter, a cybersecurity engineer who landed a job after completing the Google IT Support Certificate and working in IT. Carter describes his role as the one who protects people’s personal information from hackers and ensures their security. He credits the certificate program for equipping him with the necessary skills to perform his job effectively.

The series aims to showcase the success stories of individuals who have switched careers with the help of Google Career Certificates. It also highlights the practical applications of the knowledge gained from the certificate programs. By featuring these graduates, the series aims to provide job seekers with insights into how they can find their strengths, excel in interviews, and thrive in their dream jobs.

The growing interest in career exploration and the need for guidance in switching industries is evident in recent data. More than 50% of U.S. job seekers have shown interest in pursuing roles in new career fields. However, many individuals express concerns about transitioning into industries such as cybersecurity or UX design. Therefore, the Job Hoppers series aims to address these concerns and encourage job seekers to pursue their passions and interests, regardless of their previous experience.

The Google Career Certificates program provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire job-ready skills in high-demand fields. The program offers flexible learning options and is designed to be accessible to people from diverse backgrounds. The certificate programs are intended to bridge the skills gap and provide individuals with the necessary qualifications to pursue new career opportunities.

The Job Hoppers series showcases the success of these certificate programs by highlighting the achievements of graduates who have successfully transitioned into new careers. The series aims to inspire and motivate job seekers by sharing the stories of these individuals and providing practical advice on how to navigate the job market.

The growing demand for professionals in fields such as cybersecurity and UX design presents job seekers with exciting opportunities for career growth. However, for those looking to make a career change, the job market can be overwhelming. The Job Hoppers series aims to alleviate these concerns by offering real-life examples of individuals who have successfully made the transition. By providing an inside look at the daily routine and challenges faced by professionals in these industries, the series aims to demystify these career paths and encourage others to pursue their passions.

In conclusion, the Google Career Certificates YouTube channel is launching a new series called Job Hoppers, hosted by Aaron Burriss, to inspire and guide job seekers who are considering switching careers. The series showcases the success stories of Google Career Certificate graduates in industries such as cybersecurity and UX design. By providing an inside look at these fields and offering practical advice, the series aims to empower job seekers to pursue their dream careers.


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