Reddit expands learning hub with new courses and certifications

Reddit has announced updates to its on-demand learning hub, introducing new features, courses, and certifications. The platform has unveiled a “Boost 2.0 Certification Program” as part of its Fundamentals training course, aimed at teaching advertisers how to drive successful campaigns on the platform. The new courses are designed to help advertisers enhance their understanding of Reddit’s ad offering, including audiences, unique targeting capabilities, and ad formats. The training sessions offer insider knowledge from Reddit’s team on best practices, providing advertisers with the tools to leverage Reddit Ads for maximum campaign performance.

The Boost Certification Program adds up to three hours of additional educational content to the Reddit Fundamental training course. The program consists of several modules covering topics such as measurement on Reddit, auction fundamentals, optimizing performance, creative techniques, engaging with Reddit communities, and testing formulas. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive an official Reddit Ads Formula certification and have the option to make a Reddit-funded donation to a charity through the platform’s Karma Kash initiative.

The expansion of the training course is in response to increased demand from clients who wish to further their education on Reddit. Previous courses received high satisfaction ratings, with 87% of participants reporting a better understanding of Reddit’s ad offerings. Reddit’s Chief Revenue Officer, Harold Klaje, stated that the new certifications aim to deepen partners’ expertise and understanding of Reddit, enabling them to elevate their campaigns to be more strategic and impactful.

The Reddit Ads Formula training program is available for free and offers valuable insights and strategies for advertisers. The program has been designed to help advertisers level up their knowledge and make the most of Reddit’s advertising capabilities. With its various modules, participants can gain a deeper understanding of measurement tools, bid strategies, campaign optimization, creative techniques, and community engagement.

The updated training program reflects Reddit’s commitment to providing advertisers with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed on the platform. By offering free training sessions and certifications, Reddit aims to empower advertisers to make informed decisions and drive maximum campaign performance. The positive feedback from previous participants demonstrates the effectiveness of the program in improving understanding and expertise in Reddit’s ad offerings.

Overall, the updates to Reddit’s on-demand learning hub are significant for advertisers looking to make the most of the platform’s ad capabilities. The Boost 2.0 Certification Program, along with additional modules and certifications, provides advertisers with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, optimize campaign performance, and contribute to a charitable cause. Reddit’s commitment to educating its partners showcases its desire to support advertisers in achieving their goals and maximizing their impact on the platform.


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