Semrush and UHS Success Story

Managing and growing an SEO team can be challenging, but this article highlights how one team is using Semrush to improve website performance for healthcare facilities across the U.S. The team structure initially consisted of just a supervisor and an SEO specialist, but it has since expanded to include two SEO developers. As the team has grown, they have scaled their operations and incorporated Semrush into their digital marketing projects. What started with three colleagues using Semrush has now expanded to 11 team members, including the web development, analytics, and content teams.

Semrush serves as a centralized tool for the team, providing a seamless workflow that gets everyone on the same page. When a facility approaches the team with concerns about new competition, they turn to Semrush for insights. They analyze the facility’s search authority, keywords competitors may be ranking for, and identify keyword gaps. By leveraging the same tools and source of data, the team can work together efficiently and effectively.

The team’s projects typically start when a facility requests help with improving visibility. The team conducts interviews and asks key questions to understand the facility’s current performance and concerns. They use Semrush’s Site Audit score to evaluate the technical aspects of the website and make recommendations for improvement. They also analyze the facility’s service line page, keyword gap, competitors, and search authority to identify areas for optimization. In some cases, the data from Site Audit has led to complete website redesigns.

Semrush has been instrumental in helping the team make data-driven decisions and be accountable for their digital marketing efforts. By having all the necessary data in one place, the team reduces the time spent in other tools like Google Analytics. The team also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, as other teams within the organization can make fixes and improvements directly in Semrush without needing direct involvement from the SEO team.

Keyword research and analysis are key tasks performed by the SEO team using Semrush. They identify keyword gaps and utilize the Topic Research tool to generate ideas for content creation. Copywriters are provided with the SEO Writing Assistant add-on for Google Docs to optimize their content. The team also utilizes the Plagiarism Checker feature to ensure that content is unique and not copied from other facilities.

When it comes to reporting to clients, Semrush’s automated reports are a significant time-saver for the team. They are able to set up and modify reports easily, allowing them to generate and send out 70 to 80 reports on the first of each month. With everything they need within the Semrush project, they can avoid collecting data from multiple sources or exporting anything. The team utilizes automated custom reports generated by Semrush, which can be sent directly to clients with the option for clients to reply and initiate a conversation.

Overall, Semrush has played a crucial role in streamlining the workflow, enhancing collaboration, and improving website performance for this SEO team. By utilizing the various features and integrations offered by Semrush, the team is able to effectively manage their clients’ SEO needs and deliver results. As the team continues to grow, they plan to expand the usage of Semrush and involve more team members in its use.


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