Supporting the Elections for European Parliament in 2024

This article discusses the upcoming elections taking place in the European Union as well as the efforts being made by Google to support the democratic process. This includes providing voters with accurate and relevant information, safeguarding the platforms from abuse and misinformation, and equipping campaigns with security tools and training. The focus is also on the role of artificial intelligence in combating misinformation and ensuring the integrity of the elections.

Google is working on surfacing high-quality information for voters through initiatives such as providing voting details on Google Search and promoting authoritative information on YouTube. The company is also maintaining transparency on election ads by requiring verification for advertisers and limiting ad targeting.

In order to safeguard their platforms and disrupt the spread of misinformation, Google is enforcing their policies and using AI models to fight abuse at scale. They are also collaborating with the wider ecosystem to counter misinformation, including funding projects focused on strengthening media literacy and fighting misinformation across Europe.

The article also discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by AI-generated content, highlighting Google’s policies and initiatives to help users navigate and understand such content. This includes expanding political content policies to require advertisers to disclose synthetic content in election ads and providing additional context for AI-generated content.

In terms of security, Google is offering free services and tools for campaign and election teams to improve their cybersecurity and protect against threats. The company is also tackling coordinated influence operations through its Threat Analysis Group and partnering with organizations to provide security training and resources.

Overall, Google is committed to working with government, industry, and civil society to protect the integrity of elections in the European Union and is dedicated to informing voters, equipping campaigns, and protecting its platforms from evolving threats. The company will be providing more information on these efforts at their Fighting Misinformation Online event in Brussels on March 21.


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