The Google in Residence program for computer science students

The author of this content attended Accepted Students Day at Howard University, where they met Dr. Legand Burge, the computer science department chair. They were excited to learn that their Introduction to Computer Science course would be taught by a Google employee. At the time, the author did not know much about Google, but recognized that this was a unique opportunity.

The author’s instructor for the course was Scott Joseph, who had a great approach to teaching. He believed in giving students opportunities to learn and explore, rather than challenging them with difficult curriculum. The author and their classmates were able to submit work multiple times and were encouraged to ask Scott anything about computer science and how it is applied at Google.

This experience of learning from Scott, a Black man, was foundational for the author. Prior to Howard University, they had only been taught by three Black teachers. Learning from Scott gave them confidence and a sense of belonging. It also inspired them to aspire to be not only a future Google employee, but also a Google in Residence instructor.

The author frequently visited Scott during his office hours, seeking guidance for homework assignments and interview preparation. Scott not only helped them with their coursework, but also provided valuable insights into what an interview for a software engineering internship at Google would be like. Thanks to Scott’s help, the author was able to reach their goal and secure three internships at Google. In 2019, they accepted a full-time role at the company.

Overall, the author’s experience at Howard University and learning from Scott Joseph had a significant impact on their career trajectory. They were able to gain valuable knowledge and skills that led to multiple internships and a full-time position at Google. The author is grateful for the opportunities they were given and credits Scott for his guidance and support throughout their journey.


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