Twitter blocks links to Meta rival Threads

Twitter is reportedly blocking links to Meta’s Threads, the new rival social networking app launched by Mark Zuckerberg. Users have noticed that some links to Threads are not working, making it difficult to track down conversations and user profiles. Experts believe that Twitter is blocking these links to keep users engaged on its own platform instead of moving to Threads. American technologist Andy Baio discovered the issue when a search query for Threads did not yield any results. Baio shared a workaround for users to bypass the block. Baio describes Twitter’s move as “anti-competitive” and criticizes the platform for promoting free speech while blocking open expression. Twitter responded to the issue with a poop emoji, indicating its response to Thread’s growing popularity. Twitter owner Elon Musk has also joined in the rivalry by blocking unregistered users and Google Search, causing a drop in index saturation by Google. This move may concern marketers who rely on visibility in Google search and could impact reach and rankings for brands. During the first two days of operation, Threads caused a drop in Twitter traffic compared to the same periods in previous years.


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