Universal Analytics dies aged 11: ‘Be brave and be strong’

On July 1, Universal Analytics, a beloved platform among marketers, officially came to an end after 11 years. While the industry had been anticipating Google’s decision to discontinue the service, the news still came as a surprise to many. Marketers all over the world expressed their grief on Twitter, with some even holding their own funerals to pay tribute to the platform.

Google Analytics was born in November 2005 when Google acquired Urchin and made the service available for free. Seven years later, Universal Analytics was introduced to the world and it quickly became a game-changer in the digital marketing industry. It gained popularity due to its various benefits, including offline conversions and customizable session and campaign timeout settings.

However, in March 2022, Google announced that Universal Analytics would no longer be available. Russell Ketchum, director of product management at Google, explained that the platform was built for a previous era of online measurement that focused on the desktop web and cookies, which is now becoming obsolete.

Universal Analytics will be remembered for its user-friendly interface, reliable and up-to-date data, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Its departure leaves room for Google Analytics 4, a replacement tool that has been well-received by marketers.

The article invites readers to share their stories and memories of Universal Analytics on Twitter, while bidding farewell to the platform. It concludes by acknowledging the impact of Universal Analytics and its legacy in the digital marketing world.

In summary, Universal Analytics, a widely used web analytics service, has come to an end after 11 years. Marketers around the world are mourning its loss, reminiscing about its benefits and functionality. Google Analytics 4 now takes its place as a popular alternative. The memories and impact of Universal Analytics will be remembered by the industry.


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