In the last episode of Ask Google Webmasters this year, John is joined again by Martin Splitt, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, as they discuss questions around rendering and URL inspection in Google Search Console, such as:
– According to the Google Search Console screenshots, Googlebot seems to be rendering only a part of our pages – is it just the screenshot or is there something faulty one needs to worry about? (submitted by @Balgev) (0:30)
– Why does Google Search Console tell me there is a .js error when I use arrow functions? (submitted by @l0c4lh057) (1:40)
– Why does the URL inspection tool report a status code 200 for a page that returns a 301 redirect? (submitted by @merlinox) (2:05)
– About making code changes to the URL inspection tool (3:05)

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