Watch Google Pixel’s new Super Bowl ad

Google collaborated with filmmaker Adam Morse, who is blind, to create a unique and immersive experience for viewers. Morse used an unconventional technique of painting the camera lens with petroleum jelly to give viewers a sense of how Javier, the protagonist of the story, experiences the world as a blind person. This approach aimed to represent the diverse experiences of individuals across the blind and low vision spectrum.

The partnership between Google and Adam Morse aimed to bring a heightened level of understanding and empathy to the experiences of blind and low vision individuals. By using innovative filmmaking techniques, they sought to immerse viewers in the perspective of a blind person, allowing them to better understand the challenges and unique experiences faced by individuals in this community.

Adam Morse’s expertise as a filmmaker and his personal experience as a blind individual made him the ideal partner for this project. His insight and understanding of the blind community allowed him to bring authenticity and depth to the storytelling, ensuring that the portrayal of Javier’s experiences was both accurate and respectful.

One of the key elements of Morse’s filmmaking approach was the use of petroleum jelly on the camera lens. This unconventional technique was intended to mimic the blurred and obscured vision that many blind and low vision individuals experience. By distorting the visual imagery, Morse was able to convey the challenges and limitations of navigating the world without full sight, allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding of Javier’s perspective.

The collaboration between Google and Adam Morse aimed to shed light on the diverse range of experiences within the blind and low vision community. By highlighting Javier’s story, they hoped to ignite conversations about the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in society. Through their innovative filmmaking approach, they aimed to challenge traditional perspectives and encourage greater empathy and understanding for individuals with disabilities.

Overall, the partnership between Google and Adam Morse showcased the power of storytelling and innovative filmmaking techniques in promoting understanding and empathy. By bringing Javier’s story to life in a unique and immersive way, they aimed to create a more inclusive and compassionate society for individuals with disabilities. The success of their collaboration demonstrates the potential for creative partnerships to drive positive change and raise awareness for underrepresented communities.


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