What Belongs on Your Local Business' About Page?

The key elements required for an About page mockup include a customer-focused header tag, a unique selling proposition in the introductory text, a visual story showcasing the business, contact information, a satisfaction guarantee, display of credentials, highlighting best reviews, showcasing multi-media publications, explanation of company values, a timeline, a mission statement, showcasing real people, and ending the page with a call to action. The About page should prioritize the needs and interests of potential customers and provide them with valuable information about the business. It should also aim to build trust and credibility with the audience. Additionally, there is scope for including other features such as links to employment opportunities, local media spots, staff bios, company news, cross promotions, events calendar, and more. The about page should be extensive and relevant to the target audience. Overall, the principles of customer engagement, trustworthiness, and customer-focused messaging should guide the content and structure of the About page.


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