What happened with Gemini image generation

Three weeks ago, the Gemini conversational app launched a new image generation feature, which allows users to create images of people. However, this feature has received negative feedback as some of the generated images are inaccurate or offensive. In response to this, the app has temporarily paused the image generation of people while working on improving the feature.

The image generation feature in Gemini was built on an AI model called Imagen 2, specifically tuned to prevent the creation of violent, sexually explicit, or real images of people. The goal was to provide users with a diverse range of images representing different ethnicities and characteristics. However, the tuning of the feature failed to account for specific cases where a particular type of person or cultural context was requested, leading to inaccurate and inappropriate images being generated.

As a result of these issues, the model became overly cautious and conservative, refusing to answer certain prompts and producing embarrassing results. In response, the image generation of people has been turned off to allow for improvements to be made before it is reinstated. Extensive testing will be conducted to ensure the feature’s accuracy and appropriateness.

Gemini is designed as a creativity and productivity tool, but due to the nature of AI technology, it may not always be reliable, especially when generating images or text about current events or hot-button topics. Mistakes can occur, and the app may occasionally produce offensive or inaccurate results. However, the team behind Gemini is committed to addressing issues as they arise and working towards improving the technology for safe and responsible use.

While Gemini aims to provide factual responses to prompts, users are encouraged to verify information using Google Search for fresh and high-quality content on various topics. It is acknowledged that AI technology, while helpful, also presents challenges such as inaccuracies. Despite the potential for errors, the team is dedicated to enhancing the technology and ensuring its responsible deployment.

In conclusion, the Gemini conversational app is addressing the issues with its image generation feature and taking steps to improve its accuracy and appropriateness. While challenges may persist, efforts are being made to enhance the technology and continue its evolution in a responsible manner.


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