What It Is & How to Create It

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant to readers over an extended period of time, often several years, without needing frequent updates. It addresses common problems or questions that many people have. Evergreen content is different from seasonal or trending content, which is only relevant at specific times or for a brief period. Examples of evergreen content include how-to guides, FAQs, guides, listicles, expert interviews, case studies, resource libraries, and infographics.

There are several benefits to creating evergreen content. Firstly, evergreen content provides a higher return on investment compared to trending content. Since it remains relevant over time, it can generate a consistent stream of traffic, leads, and potential sales. For example, an evergreen piece of content that generates five sales per day could end up producing over 1,800 sales each year. In comparison, a piece of trending content that goes viral might generate 400 sales over a few days but eventually trickle down to zero.

Evergreen content also tends to receive more shares than trending topics. Since evergreen topics are always relevant, people will share them on social media year after year. This can help build brand exposure and credibility within a niche.

Additionally, evergreen content attracts more backlinks, which can improve a website’s authority and increase its chances of ranking higher in search results. Websites with lots of backlinks often rank higher, and since evergreen content has a long lifespan, it has more opportunities to attract backlinks.

Optimizing evergreen content for search engines helps drive a consistent flow of traffic to a website. Unlike seasonal or trending content, which may see traffic wane throughout the year, evergreen content remains steady in attracting visitors.

To create evergreen content, it’s important to choose a topic that is timeless and relevant to the target audience. Conducting keyword research can help find keywords that can rank high in search results. Selecting the right content format, such as a how-to guide or listicle, can help the content resonate with the audience. Writing and publishing the content with clear and concise language, accompanied by visual enhancements like infographics or imagery, can further enhance its appeal.

Overall, evergreen content provides long-term value and benefits to marketers and businesses. It has a higher return on investment, increased shareability, more backlinks, and consistent traffic. By creating evergreen content, businesses can establish their expertise, build brand credibility, and attract a consistent flow of visitors and potential customers.


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