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Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the US, is launching its new in-house advertising platform called Kroger Precision Marketing. The platform is currently in beta and is set to be fully operational by the fall. The move away from Microsoft’s advertising platform was motivated by the need for a more streamlined and efficient system. Marketers using the old platform found it clunky and time-consuming to navigate multiple systems. With Kroger’s new platform, marketers have a one-stop shop where they can launch their ads and access data, allowing for faster decision-making and potentially better ROI.

The new platform provides marketers with various capabilities, including the ability to reach relevant audiences using search-based insights and custom ad groups, design and activate creative messages within the platform, customize and save multiple creative templates by brand and product, optimize campaign elements such as budgets and messaging, and build reports using deterministic retail data to boost performance.

While Kroger is excited about the launch of its new ad platform, the company acknowledges that it will always be a work in progress and is open to feedback from clients. The company plans to continue enhancing the platform’s features and functionalities based on user input. Kroger aims to provide a seamless and efficient experience for marketers by bringing all campaign processes into one platform.

Feedback from marketers who have tested the new platform has been positive so far. Marketers appreciate the streamlined process and ease of use, as well as the data insights and science provided by Kroger’s team. The new platform allows for quicker deployment of science-driven strategies, leading to increased campaign performance.

Kroger plans to roll out the new ad platform to all marketers by the end of the year and is looking forward to receiving feedback to further improve the platform. The company also plans to expand the platform to other advertising experiences throughout the year and into the next. While Kroger has not disclosed its revenue or financial goals at this time, the company expects to continue its rapid growth.


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