Why most brands fail at link building: Top 5 mistakes

Link building is a crucial part of SEO, especially in competitive spaces where brands need quality as well as quantity to succeed. However, most marketers fail at link building due to a few common mistakes. The first mistake is thinking that they don’t need to proactively build links, but in reality, to compete in a profitable space, around 50-200 referring domains per page are required. Leaving links to chance is another mistake, as most marketers expect links to magically appear on their pages. Instead, they need to figure out what other potential link partners might want or need in exchange for a link. Using the wrong link building tactics at the wrong time is also a mistake as cold outreach only works on lower DR sites while high DR sites require warm tactics. Marketers should prioritize two to three scalable link building strategies instead of chasing shiny things that may be overplayed or worn out. Finally, prioritizing the wrong pages at the wrong time is another mistake as big brands understand how to prioritize link building strategies by link targets and pages on their site. By avoiding these mistakes, marketers can build high-quality links month after month after month.


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