World Health Organization and Google’s collaboration to provide health information has collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to accelerate the digital transformation of health systems worldwide. As part of this collaboration, early adopters have used Open Health Services (OHS) components to build platforms and solutions that are currently deployed across Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. Some of the early implementations of the WHO SMART Guidelines content have also been developed through digital tools, aimed at making evidence-based guidelines more accessible to health workers. These efforts have also allowed local entrepreneurs to support public health by contributing to systems that are adaptable, manageable and sustainable. has also awarded WHO over $320 million in donated Google search advertising via Ad Grants, marking Google’s largest Ad Grants donation to a single organization. WHO has been able to shift its focus from COVID-19 to other public health topics, such as Mpox, mental health, flu, Ebola, and natural disasters. As a result, the organization served over 28 million public service announcements in six different languages, leading to over 2.7 million visits to their website.

In a new announcement, has revealed that for 2023, it is providing another $50 million in Ad Grants to support WHO in its work on public health. With this new funding, WHO will further expand its efforts to make critical public health information accessible to people worldwide.

In sum, and WHO have been working together to make healthcare more accessible and effective across the globe. Through the OHS components, local entrepreneurs are empowered to contribute sustainably to local health systems, while WHO has been able to connect with people worldwide through its digital tools. Additionally, with the latest announcement of the new funding, WHO will be able to further its efforts in making public health information more accessible to more people.


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