Digital agencies are often willing to hire beginner marketers, but they often lack meaningful training in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. To address this issue, here is a basic five-step growth plan to become a PPC expert as quickly as possible.

The first step is to master client relationships, as this is crucial in driving client growth. Building trust, showing expertise, and being empathetic are key components of successful client relationships.

The second step is to think strategically. Prioritizing efforts based on desired outcomes and setting goals, budget, targeting, and messaging are important in developing a strategic approach to PPC work.

The third step is to navigate data with precision. This involves understanding and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), generating and checking conversion data, and visualizing data in a compelling way using tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Looker Studio.

The fourth step is to commit to learning every day. This includes getting certified in Google Ads and Meta Ads, staying updated with industry news and trends, and continuously challenging and expanding your knowledge of PPC platforms.

By following this five-step plan, beginner marketers can become PPC experts and succeed in the digital agency industry.

source: 5 essential PPC skills every agency pro must have


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