Most buyer journeys don’t start and end with a simple “buy now” button. The consideration stage of the buyer journey is often neglected but crucial for success. To create an effective content strategy, you need to understand your end goal, audience, product, and resources. Setting SMART goals linked to specific buyer journey stages is important. Knowing your audience through buyer personas is essential, and it’s important to conduct research beyond basic demographics. Understanding your product and how it aligns with your audience’s values is crucial. Keyword research should be done for each stage of the buyer journey to eliminate irrelevant keywords. In the awareness stage, users are seeking educational content, so provide the best answer to their questions. In the consideration stage, users are weighing pros and cons of different solutions, so personalize your content to prove your solution is the best. In the decision stage, users are ready to buy, so provide them with the information they need to make a purchase.

source: How to create and execute a buyer journey-based content strategy


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