Google Ads has rolled out an updated UI to a small number of accounts. The affected accounts will experience a different layout, structure, and design, but there have been no changes in functionality to any tools or features. This specific UI change is in beta for Manager Accounts and was designed to improve workflow organization and streamline accessibility while maintaining the availability of the same set of tools. The update was first spotted by digital advertising team lead, Greg Kohler, who shared a preview of the platform’s new design. The new UI is part of the same update that began rolling out in June, and Google said it has continued to work on the new layout to make the platform easier to navigate. A Google spokesperson said that the update was based on user research indicating that advertisers use both the Insights page and various reports pages when trying to understand campaign performance. The new design aims to make it easier for advertisers to get the performance data they need to optimize their ads.

source: Google Ads moves reports to new location in latest UI update


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