Google has expanded its generative AI features for automatically created assets (ACA) to all English language advertisers in the U.S. and UK. This means that English-speaking advertisers in the U.S. or UK can now start using generative AI to help create ad campaigns. This will provide them with more ideas and save significant time. Automatically created assets (ACAs) are campaign-level setting that advertisers can opt into, and they work in conjunction with responsive search ads. The generative AI is used to create assets that better match what people are searching for. These generated assets complement the ones provided by advertisers for their responsive search ads, enhancing the overall ad content. According to Google Ads liaison officer Ginny Marvin, generative AI is used to improve the relevancy of assets to the search query and predicted performance of Search ads in Search and Performance Max campaigns. ACAs are meant to supplement, not replace, existing headlines and descriptions.

source: Google expands generative AI capabilities for automatically created assets


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