Google launched the Panda algorithm update 13 years ago today, which had a significant impact on SEO and content strategies. The update aimed to reward high-quality sites with original content and reduce rankings for low-quality sites. Panda affected websites of all sizes and industries, leading to some businesses going out of business. Google continued to release refreshes and updates to Panda for the following two years. Despite being perceived as a penalty by some, Panda was an algorithmic downgrade rather than a manual penalty. The update targeted low-quality content and content farms, leading to the development of the E-A-T concept and the rise of content marketing. Panda eventually evolved into a new algorithm called Coati and became part of Google’s core ranking signals. The update served as a lesson for businesses to diversify their traffic sources and not rely solely on one channel.

source: Lookback: Google Panda algorithm update launched 13 years ago


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