Google rolled out nine confirmed algorithmic updates in 2023, including a new AI search engine called the Search Generative Experience. The number of updates in 2023 is one less than in the previous years of 2022 and 2021. Four core updates occurred in March, August, October, and November, with volatility levels varying for each update. Furthermore, Google renamed the Product reviews update to the reviews update and included review-related content of all types. The November 2023 reviews update is the last update of its kind. The September 2023 helpful content update also had a significant impact on the SEO industry. A spam update, as well as other algorithm changes and updates, also took place in 2023. Overall, a variety of updates, tweaks, and topics were addressed throughout the year. Google also made changes such as implementing a topic authority system and strengthening its language matching system, among other developments.

source: Google algorithm updates 2023 in review: Core, reviews, helpful content, spam and beyond


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