A case study is written or video content that tells the story of a successful customer transaction, relationship, or both, offering social proof that a product is a viable solution to target customers’ problems. Case studies are valuable in business as they can win new customers and showcase a company’s positive impact. To create an effective case study, prepare by setting objectives, choosing the perfect customer, gathering customer and story information, conducting an interview with the customer, and setting customer expectations. Structure the case study with a descriptive headline, a summary of the story and its results, relevant images, an introduction, description of the challenge, highlight of the solution, presentation of the outcome using data to illustrate, and validation of the story with a strong closing statement. Examples from Adobe, The Home Depot, ShipStation, The Burlap Bag, and Semrush are provided as inspiration. The bottom line is that case studies are an effective way to show prospective customers that a company has the best solution to their problems.

source: How to Write a Case Study: Guide With Free Template + Examples


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