Review schema is a type of structured data markup that provides search engines like Google with details about reviews and ratings for products, recipes, movies, and more. Search engines may use this markup to display user reviews and ratings within search results. Review schema is one of the many types of schema markup that search engines like Bing and Google support and that is promoted by Adding review schema to your website can leverage social proof to capture users’ attention in search results and can be useful for showcasing reviews of products or recipes in search results, and when reviewing things yourself. It also visually enhances your listing in search engine results pages (SERPs) by displaying a set of yellow star ratings. Additionally, it adds social proof which can improve the chances of users clicking on your website and potentially making a purchase. Furthermore, review schema helps search engines better understand what your webpages are about which could indirectly impact what queries your content appears in search results for. It is recommended to validate review schema and test implementations with tools such as’s schema markup validator tool and Google’s Rich Results Test. There are also methods to measure the impact and monitor your structured data implementation at scale. Semrush’s Site Audit tool helps to understand and check for structured data issues.

source: Review Schema Markup: What It Is + How to Implement It in 2024


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