Location and city landing pages serve as a form of customer service, aiming to achieve high visibility in search engines and engage visitors to inspire patronage. It’s important to avoid over-optimizing with keyword blocks and instead focus on providing valuable content to real people. Consider experimenting with various types of content, such as videos, photos, reviews, deals, and sustainability efforts. Optimize landing pages with important location and product/service keywords and focus on customer service. Do not worry about duplicate content, as some elements will naturally be the same across multiple pages. Proper navigation through dropdown menus, store locator widgets, and HTML sitemaps is essential to ensure proper indexing. Regular page audits and updates to reflect changes in business information and hours of operation are important. Keeping landing pages fresh and lively will appeal to customers and search engines. Decide whether to link local business listings to your home page or location landing pages based on your specific business needs and preferences.

source: The Location Landing Pages Salad Bar: Making Smart Local Business Content Choices in 2024


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