This content is a comprehensive guide that debunks misconceptions about LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords in SEO. It explains that while LSI keywords are not used by Google to rank search results, using semantically related keywords is beneficial for SEO because it helps Google understand the topic and scope of the content. The content also discusses latent semantic indexing and latent semantic analysis, explaining that LSI is an information retrieval method that considers semantic relationships between words, while LSA is a mathematical method for finding conceptually related words. It clarifies that Google does not use latent semantic indexing, but instead uses other forms of semantic analysis such as the Knowledge Graph, natural language processing, and AI and machine learning to understand search intent and the overall topic of a page. The guide also provides tips on how to find semantic keywords using SEO Content Template and On Page SEO Checker tools from Semrush. Overall, the content aims to help readers optimize their content effectively and improve their Google rankings.

source: What Are LSI Keywords & Why They Don‘t Matter


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