Retail media, also known as commerce media, is a crucial aspect of PPC marketing. It involves paid search placements on retail websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. However, retail media goes beyond paid search and includes other categories like onsite sponsored search, display banners, programmatic display, social media advertising, and Google Shopping. Retail marketing is heavily reliant on first-party data collected by companies to understand customer behavior and improve advertising targeting. Retail media has rapidly evolved and grown in recent years, surpassing $30 billion in revenue in just five years. In-store sales are still important in retail media, and retailers like Walmart with numerous physical locations have an advantage. Retail media works closely with Microsoft and Google, offering various hardware, activation, automation, and data solutions for marketers. Some key takeaways in retail media include the presence of similar options, the importance of physical stores, and the intersection of PPC and retail media.

source: A PPC marketer’s guide to retail media


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