Google Search regularly updates its search ranking systems to provide the most relevant and helpful content. This month, there are two updates being rolled out. The November 2023 core update aims to improve a different core system compared to the previous month’s update. Additionally, an update to the reviews system will be released next week. Google does updates to improve search results and uses automated systems for ranking. The company conducts thousands of updates per year, but only shares about notable ones. If there is a drop in traffic after an update, it does not necessarily mean spamming, but other non-spam content issues should be considered. Google shares notable updates through the Google Search Status Dashboard and strives to avoid overlapping updates. The company evaluates proposed changes rigorously to ensure they improve search. If there are any questions or concerns, users can post them in the Google Search Central Community.

source: A Q&A on Google Search updates  |  Google Search Central Blog  |  Google for Developers


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