SEO is an important acquisition channel for startups, but it can be challenging to implement on a limited budget. In order to get buy-in from leadership, it’s important to educate them about what SEO involves and how it can benefit the business. This includes being specific about the SEO strategies that will be implemented, such as hiring freelance writers and producing quality content. It’s also helpful to position SEO as a distribution channel rather than just creating “SEO content.” SEO results don’t have to take 6+ months to achieve. By conducting keyword research and targeting specific keywords that indicate a need for the startup’s solution, SEO results can be seen within a few months. It’s important to prioritize keywords with lower competition and difficulty scores. Once keywords are identified, the next step is to start creating content around those keywords. This can be done by determining who will write the content, whether it’s in-house writers, freelance writers, or an agency. Creating SEO briefs can help writers understand how to execute each piece of content and reduce editing time. On-page optimizations, such as including target keywords in URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, and headings, can also help improve SEO rankings.

source: SEO for Startups: How to Get SEO Results on a Budget


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