Having an SEO checklist is essential for managing the various tasks needed for optimizing a website. However, generic checklists often fail to consider individual website needs and priorities. To address this, a customizable SEO checklist has been created in Google Sheets. Users can easily set up the checklist by making a copy of the template, answering a few questions about their website platform and desired SEO tasks, and configuring the checklist. The checklist is divided into three sections: tasks to do once, tasks to do periodically, and tasks to do for each new page published. Some of the one-time tasks include installing an SEO-friendly theme, planning the website structure, using a descriptive URL structure, installing an all-in-one SEO plugin, setting up Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, creating and submitting a sitemap, ensuring the site is indexable, adding schema markup to the homepage, ensuring mobile-friendliness, using HTTPS, having a single domain, and optimizing page speed through image compression.

source: The Only SEO Checklist You Need in 2023 [Incl. Template]


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