Threads, the social media platform launched by Meta in July, has quickly become the fastest-growing platform in history. Within the first hour of its launch, Threads received five million sign-ups. This news is particularly significant for marketers who have been seeking alternatives to Twitter due to a drop in ad spend following Elon Musk’s takeover. Threads offers users the ability to post updates, share content, and interact with others. It is closely integrated with Instagram and currently only available on iOS or Android devices. Mark Zuckerberg has emphasized the focus on “kindness” on Threads, setting it apart from Twitter. Over 100 million people have already joined Threads, including notable brands and celebrities. While advertising options are not currently available on the platform, Meta is expected to introduce them in the future. However, Threads is not currently available in the European Union due to concerns about data privacy. Threads collects a large amount of user data, similar to other Meta platforms, which has raised concerns about privacy. Despite this, Threads enforces Instagram’s community guidelines and offers user controls. Currently, Threads does not support hashtag or topic searches, but users can search for other accounts. To join Threads, users must have an Instagram account.

source: Threads FAQ: Everything marketers need to know


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