Marketers are facing difficulty in transitioning from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Some advertisers have expressed their frustration by holding funerals for Universal Analytics hoping that Google will listen to their concerns. Search Engine Land conducted a poll to understand how marketers are coping with the switchover, and the responses were interesting. Despite the challenges, some marketers managed to summarize their experiences with GA4 in a few words, expressing their dissatisfaction with the new tool. Marketers have criticized GA4 for its lack of usability and visual impact compared to Universal Analytics. Some even speculate that Google designed GA4 with a hidden agenda to drive marketers towards its competitors. In the face of these challenges, some marketers have chosen to take a break or ignore GA4 altogether. However, the transition to GA4 is inevitable, and marketers must find ways to adapt to the new tool.

source: 13 of the funniest reactions to GA4: The roast of Google Analytics 4


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