SEO certifications are a popular way for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the field, especially since university degrees in SEO are rare. However, it is important to choose certifications that are comprehensive, accurate, and well-regarded in the industry. A survey of newsletter subscribers identified the top five SEO certifications, including the Ahrefs Certification Course, Google SEO Fundamentals by UC Davis, SEO Certification Course by HubSpot, All-Around SEO Training by Yoast, and SEO Foundations on LinkedIn. Despite the popularity of certifications, they may not be worth it for several reasons. Most employers do not consider them important, certifications do not guarantee a good education, they focus on theory rather than practical skills, they require a significant time investment, the questions can be poorly constructed, they are often easy to pass, and they may be seen as marketing ploys. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on gaining practical experience and executing SEO strategies rather than relying solely on certifications.

source: 5 Best SEO Certifications in 2023


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